Our Menu


Momos are the most popular and anytime food in Nepal. These steamy dumplings are everybody’s favorite. These are delicious when eaten hot and whole with all the burst of flavors and juices. Let’s start the journey.

Chhoila (Gluten Free)

Famous cuisine in Newar Circle of Nepal. Marinated food seasoned with fresh lime juice, ground cumin seeds and mustard oil with fresh chilles.

Pan Grilled Small Plates

Stir-fry with our unique spices. Served with crispy puffed rice. Delicious appetizer. Goes well with Drinks. (Gluten Free)

Seasonal Greens

Sautéed on olive oil, dry chili and cumin seeds. Gluten free.


Organic Garden Salad, Baby Spinach, Arugula greens and nuts on our homemade dressing.

Nepali Soups

Lunch Entrees

Monday to Friday 11:00am to 3:00pm only. Curry (GF) are served with steamed basmati rice. Add small Lentil Dal Soup or Garlic Naan for $5 or Bread or Plain Naan for $5 or Avocado: $5


Grilled Delicacies

Our cast iron pan-grilled sea food and meat items are seasoned with dry rubbed herbs and spices cook to perfection and served with seasonal stir- fried fresh vegetables on olive oil and steamed basmati rice. GF

Tarkari Curry Delicacies(GF)

Add small lentil Dal or bread for $5 or avocado: $4. All Curry meals are cooked on our delicious tomato base curry sauce with various fresh vegetables, which is light and healthy with Basmati rice. Spicy level: very mild to very hot.

Stir-Fry Chilies

Our chilies are not like typical chilies but the sautéed blend of different fresh chilies in sesame seed oil, olive oil, vinegar, red wine and varieties of spices. Starts medium spicy. Served with steamed Basmati Rice.GF

Tikka Masala

Add Garlic Naan: $5

Stir-Fry Noodles


Nepali Dessert