Entrees Add small lentil Dal or bread for $3. Spicy level of meals can be very mild to very hot   “1- 10”. Please let your server know how you would like your meals. Entrees are served with steamed basmati rice or extra vegetables.

All Curry meals are cooked on our delicious tomato base curry sauce with various fresh vegetables, which is light and healthy with Basmati rice. GF.

Chicken & Mushroom organic                  18

Lamb & Mushroom                                   20   

Cashew Haddock                                       22  

Shrimp                                                          19

Eggplant Basil Paneer (homemade cheese)          19

Shiitake Mushroom Vegan                            20

Plantain Vegan                                              17

Beans & Mushroom Vegan                       18 

Jack Fruit Vegan (special)                                18

Tofu Vegan (Non-GMO, organic)                          18