Momos are the most popular and anytime food in Nepal. These steamy dumplings are everybody’s favorite.   These are delicious when eaten hot and whole with all the burst of flavors and juices. Let’s start the journey.

Chicken Mo Mo ______________________ 10

Vegetable Mo Mo    Vegan  ______________ 10

Paneer & Spinach  Mo Mo  ______________  11

Lamb Mo Mo  _______________________  11

Buffalo Mo Mo  ______________________  12

Wild Boar Mo Mo ____________________   12



Chicken Chhoila  _____________________ 13

Grilled   chicken  marinated  and  seasoned   with fresh   lime   juice,   ground   cumin  seeds   and mustard oil with fresh chilies. . Served with crispy puffed rice. Starts medium spicy.GF

Sweet Potato Chhoila         Vegan   _________ 13

Baked Sweet potatoes  marinated and seasoned with  fresh lime juice,  ground cumin seeds  and mustard oil with fresh chilies. . Served with crispy puffed rice. Starts medium spicy.GF

 Calamari Bhuteko    _________________ 14

Stir-fry Calamari with our unique spices. Served with crispy puffed rice. Delicious appetizer. GF

 Jeera Chicken     ___________________ 13

Pan-grilled  to crisp with  cumin seeds,  cooked in typical Nepali way. Goes well with Drinks. GF

Seasonal Greens

Sautéed on olive oil, dry chili and cumin seeds. GF.

Sautéed Kale                                            7

Potatoes bites(Non-GMO)                  7         

Green Beans Bites                                 7

Broccoli bites                                          7


Gundruk Soup          Vegan       8

Five  hundred years old homeopathic tradition comes   to   your  bowl.  Cured   sun   dried Mustard leaf blended with  our tomato sauce and organic  textured soy to heal  your cold and sinus. GF

Lentil   Dal  Soup       Vegan       7

Mix of red and yellow lentils  seasoned  with ginger,  garlic  and  cumin  seed  served  as warm delicious filler. GF

Lunch Entrees

Monday to Friday 11:00am to 3:00pm only.     Curry (GF) are served with steamed basmati rice. Add small lentil Soup +4 or Bread +$3


Chicken Mushroom Curry  organic              14

Shrimp Curry                                              15

Haddock Curry                                           16

Shiitake Mushroom Curry Vegan                        15

Plantain Curry Vegan                                  13

Tofu Curry (Non-GMO, organic Vegan                13

Sweet Potato Curry Vegan            organic             13

Vegetable Vegan Stir-fry Noodle                        13

                                    Add Chicken +3

                              Add Shrimp +4



Flat Herbed Bread    Vegan    3

Steamed Basmati Rice             3

Avocado                                          4

 Plain yogurt                                2

Entrees: Curry Delicacies

Entrees Add small lentil Dal or bread for $3. Spicy level of meals can be very mild to very hot   “1- 10”. Please let your server know how you would like your meals. Entrees are served with steamed basmati rice or extra vegetables.

All Curry meals are cooked on our delicious tomato base curry sauce with various fresh vegetables, which is light and healthy with Basmati rice. GF.

Chicken & Mushroom organic                  18

Lamb & Mushroom                                   20   

Cashew Haddock                                       21 

Shrimp                                                          19

Eggplant Basil Paneer (homemade cheese)          18

Shiitake Mushroom Vegan                            20

Plantain Vegan                                              17

Beans & Mushroom Vegan                       18 

Jack Fruit Vegan (special)                                18

Tofu Vegan (Non-GMO, organic)                          17

Stir-fry Chili

Our chilies are not like typical chilies but the sautéed blend of different fresh chilies in sesame seed oil, olive oil, vinegar, red wine and varieties of spices. Starts medium spicy. Served with steamed Basmati Rice.GF

Lamb Mushroom                                          21

Chicken Mushroom organic                         19

Duck Mushroom       (special)                         25

Wild Boar Mushroom                                  25

Goat Mushroom                                           21

Shrimp Mushroom                                       20

Shiitake Mushroom Vegan                           20

Tofu Mushroom Vegan (Non-GMO, organic)      18

Sweet Potato Mushroom Vegan organic          18

Potato Mushroom Vegan (Non-GMO, organic16

Entrees: Grilled Delicacies

Our cast iron pan-grilled sea food and meat items are seasoned with dry rubbed herbs and spices cook to perfection and served with seasonal stir- fried fresh vegetables on olive oil and steamed basmati rice. GF.

Wild Boar Ribs                                           26

Goat Special                                                25

Rack of Lamb          (special)                         28

Basil Shrimp                                                19                                       

Basil Chicken organic                          19

Cashew Coated Haddock                              22

Salmon on Asparagus                              25

Grilled Chicken            (special)                         25 

(Stuffed with paneer and spinach)    

Duck Ginger Basil                                      27

Basil Thyme Lamb                                     21 


Stir-fry Noodles

Vegetable    Vegan                                       16 

Tofu   Vegan (Non-GMO, organic)                                           19

Mushroom  Vegan                                       19

Chicken organic                                             18

Shrimp                                                          20


Blueberry Haluwa      9                   

This special occasion sweets is combination of semolina, blueberry and coconut. Served warm.

Rice Pudding (kheer)  6                                  

A simple pleasure with coconut, cashews, almond. Incomparable. GF.